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Barrier Lead Aprons

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Protective X-Ray Aprons – Barrier Technologies

Radiation exposure is one of the major workplace hazards healthcare professionals face. To mitigate this risk, Barrier Technologies offers a wide range of innovative x-ray protection aprons. From traditional lead aprons to alloy-based alternatives, our lightweight and comfortable aprons offer lasting radiation protection.

Advantages offered by our aprons include:

  1. The ability to ship certain aprons within 24 hours of placing your order (our CTG apron line)

  2. Four outer material options, including our patented, anti-bacterial, Covid-19 compliant UltraFlex™ fabric

  3. MagnaGuard™, our industry-leading magnetic closure system that eliminates bacteria-laden velcro closures

  4. Two lightweight, Pb-free core material options

Continue reading to learn more about our Pb-free and lead aprons for radiation protection, or download our apron catalog to learn about each apron in detail.

High-Quality Radiation Protection Aprons

Three unique features that elevate Barrier Technologies’s x-ray protection aprons above other options include our Ready To Go Aprons, UltraFlex™ fabric, and MagnaGuard™ closures.

Ready To Go Aprons (Ship Within 24 Hours)

In an industry where it usually takes apron manufacturers 4-8 weeks to create and ship aprons, our ability to ship some of our lead aprons within 24 hours of order makes us an asset to healthcare organizations around the world.

Our Ready To Go (RTG) line of aprons come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. RTG apron specifications include:

  1. Four Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

  2. Five Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Charcoal Gray, and Red

  3. Two Styles: Frontal apron, or our 2-piece support vest and skirt

  4. Removable pocket can be embroidered with a custom design or logo

Because our RTG aprons are only available with UltraFlex™ as the outer material, they are stain-resistant and can be easily wiped down and cleaned with any antibacterial solution. The antibacterial qualities of our RTG aprons are further enhanced by MagnaGuard™ closures, making our ready-to-ship aprons Covid-19 compliant.

If you would like to order an apron with a different outer-material or make additional customizations, then consi

UltraFlex™ Antibacterial Aprons

Traditionally, the only outer material option for lead aprons has been porous nylon fabric. This has made x-ray protection aprons difficult to clean and easy to stain. As a result, protective aprons are notoriously dirty and increase the possibility of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) with every use.

To solve this health hazard, Barrier Technologies’s engineers developed a medical-grade, urethane-coated fabric that is impervious to fluids and comfortable to wear. This is UltraFlex™, our patented outer material that enables you to quickly clean your aprons with any disinfectant.

Benefits of ordering an UltraFlex™ apron include:

  1. Covid-19 compliant material

  2. Stain-resistant

  3. Anti-bacterial

  4. Easy to wipe down and clean

  5. Not porous

  6. Reduces HAIs

UltraFlex™ is also easier to wear than traditional nylon outer materials because it is a four-way stretch fabric. In contrast to nylon fabrics, which are very stiff, UltraFlex™ feels like wearing a comfortable, broken-in pair of shoes.

MagnaGuard™ Magnetic Closures

Barrier Technologies has conducted extensive bacteriological testing on velcro closures, determining that in healthcare environments, velcro often harbors MRSA, staph, and other dangerous bacteria. Unfortunately, most lead aprons in the industry use velcro for all their closures, increasing the risk of HAI.

To mitigate this risk, we’ve developed and patented a magnetic closure system called MagnaGuard™. This magnetic closure is made out of powerful strips of magnets that are embedded in the apron lining, enabling aprons to be affixed by simply touching the closures together and allowing the magnets to snap together.

Benefits of velcro-free MagnaGuard™ aprons include:

  1. Can be cleaned with any hospital-grade disinfectant

  2. Lasts much longer than velcro

  3. Eliminates velcro hair pulls, making MagnaGuard™ more comfortable to wear

  4. Reduces the amount of plastic in each apron

For both UltraFlex™ and traditional nylon aprons, MagnaGuard™ reduces transmission risks and enables our customers to have cleaner, safer closures on their aprons.

Our Catalog of Lightweight X-Ray Protection Aprons

Barrier Technologies’s Pb-free and lead aprons have a lead time of 20 working days, which means that we ship custom x-ray aprons faster than anyone else in our industry. If you need an apron sooner than 20 working days, then consider ordering one of our RTG aprons.

Our aprons are custom made, so weight varies depending on the style you choose and how large the apron needs to be.

Types of Core Material Available

We offer three core materials:

  1. Standard Pb lead aprons

  2. Pb-free aprons

  3. Lead-lite aprons

For standard Pb aprons, the lead is pressed into a flexible form and embedded in the apron. If you’d like a lead-free apron, both Pb-free and lead-lite aprons are made from an amalgamation of different alloys that all have radiation blocking properties. Alloys include tungsten, titanium, bismuth, and magnesium.

When encapsulated in a vinyl matrix, our alloy options are significantly lighter than standard bp and are equally effective at blocking scatter radiation.

Outer Material Options

We offer four outer material options:

  1. Standard nylon

  2. Ripstop nylon (a diamond ripstop material)

  3. Designer prints (nylon material with custom prints)

  4. UltraFlex™

While we do offer three traditional nylon options, we encourage customers to order aprons in UltraFlex™, due to its Covid-19 compliant, antibacterial, and stain-resistant properties.

Catalog of Radiation Protective Aprons

If you are looking for an alternative to aprons, consider our patented Terminator solution. The Terminator provides you with 4x the protection of an apron, with zero weight strain on your body. Download mobile lead shield catalog.

Barrier Technologies — An Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Radiation Protection Aprons

Barrier Technologies is America’s leading manufacturer of x-ray aprons and leaded eyewear. We cater to healthcare organizations of all sizes and can ship apron orders (specifically our Ready To Go line) within as little as 24-hours. To learn more about our innovative radiation solutions, please download our lead apron catalog or contact us today.

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